Fujitsu Make Windows 8 Tablet With A Fan That Works Underwater…Well Kind Of

Engadget reports that Fujitsu has made a Windows 8 tablet capable of working under water. The 12.5 inch tablet from Fujitsu is part of their Autumn lineup for Japan and it runs on Intel’s QH77/M chipset with an Intel Core i5 4200U 1.6GHz CPU. When not submerged the CPU requires active cooling and has a fan to do that, when submerged the tablet then pretty much reverts to water cooling as the fan deactivates.

When asked if the fan could power the tablet along underwater like a submarine apparently Fujitsu said it wasn’t strong enough for that, but they did of course try first and it does work underwater! Still if you’re in the market for a tablet with the versatility to handle the depths of the ocean, or just your bath, then this could be one to consider when it comes out officially later on this year.

Image courtesy of Engadget