HARDCORE, the FPS Styled Movie Hits Indiegogo, Needs Your Financing Help

Do you remember that awesome first person account of a businessman stealing a magical transporting orb whilst racking up a Rambo-esque body-count in the process? Well, ‘Biting Elbows‘ are looking to take their captivating first person style of footage up a notch, pledging an Indiegogo Campaign to raise funding for a full movie release.

First making it big back in early 2013, Biting Elbows released their music video elegantly titled “Bad Motherf****” (censored) to a massive reception of over 24 million hits on YouTube. This video followed their original release of “The Stampede” which has seen them tick over 5.2 million hits since its release in late 2011. These videos are apparently based on their experience with FPS video games, trying to take Call of Duty cut scenes to the next level.

In their latest project, there is no bloodshed saved – once again going all out in the ‘over the top’ gore, blood and guts side that we’ve come to expect from video games of today, with a very ‘shoot ’em up’ style feeling to the whole production. They’ve enlisted the help of District 9 star Sharlto Copley as the main sidekick of the ‘hero’, who you can see dressed up as an overly pommy escort in the video linked below.

Currently their pledge is sitting at a cool $87k USD raised of a $250k goal – which is said to be by the makers as their absolute minimum to be able to complete the project. As with most of these projects, you’re rewarded for your support. A small $1 donation will get your name on their “Bullet-in Board” which will be seen blown up on camera, whereas a $25 donation will snag you a digital download of the final film. If you’re feeling a little more generous, there are rewards all the way up to those who are willing to commit $25,000 USD to the project – seeing their name up in lights as an executive producer.

If you’re looking to help a little more and possibly be rewarded, they’re also giving away one action face rig per week to people who share their Indiegogo campaign on twitter. Bane has never looked so good.

If you’d like to donate to their campaign, please head to this page – or you can head here to check out their other works on YouTube. But, without further adieu, here’s the official trailer.

Image courtesy of Indiegogo