Forecasts Point To Millions Of QHD Smartphones Being Shipped In 2015

According to a Phonearena report, NPD DisplaySearch is predicting that QHD display smartphones, 1440 x 2560 resolution, will be selling by the millions in 2015. More specifically, the company estimates a number of 23 million shipments will be seen next year.

NPD DisplaySearch states that more than 5 percent of Ultra-HD smartphone shipments will be seen in North America and Japan, followed by Europe with almost 5 percent. The Company also sees global shipments of smartphones having 720p and 1080p displays to reach 570 million in 2014, followed by QHD smartphones at an estimated number of 41 million.

The company points to AU Optronics, JDI, Samsung Display, and other companies which already have QHD displays ready for the market. It is reported that Samsung has confirmed its production-ready QHD display with a 560 PPI density products. Chipset manufacturers have also confirmed they have CPU and GPU solutions to cope with the high-density displays.

When talking about big displays and performance-oriented components, you can’t rule the issue with battery life and capacity here, since it’s the main feature everyone is looking at when faced with these type of technological advancements. Nobody wants their smartphones to eat their battery life in a couple of hours after fully charged. Here’s where Tina Teng, DisplaySearch’s Senior Analyst, claims that “increasingly affordable application processors” will enable manufacturers to provide “greater resolution and lower power consumption”. We hope that the claims are true, since nobody will ever buy a smartphone that requires a power plug strapped to it all the time.

Thank you Phonearena for providing us with this information