Ford Develop Car That Can Take Over The Steering To Avoid An Accident

Step aside Google Car, Ford is stepping in. According to BBC, Ford is working on its own research for a “Smart Car”. Though it doesn’t appear to drive a vehicle all by its self, it seems that the feature is only a safety feature, one that could possibly save some lives.

Ford is working on a system called “Obstacle Avoidance” which will warn a driver of dangers on the road, such as a possible collision. They system has a built-in display which shows the driver a warning sign, also sounding chimes. If the driver does not react the car will take control, by applying the breaks and/or looking for a gap and steering to avoid a crash. The system scans up to 200 metres ahead of the vehicle using three radars, several ultrasonic sensors as well as a camera.


Personally I find this feature and any feature that allows a vehicle to have any control of what you’re doing while driving to be scary. Perhaps that is why I drive a car that does not have a computer in it. I have driven quite a few vehicles over the years, but I prefer cars without computers. I guess I am old school, then again I could be considered paranoid that a hacker is going to take control of my car and send it out of control.

What are your thoughts on these “Smart Car” ideas? Would you want a car that had the ability to take control and steer you away from the dangers of the road? Chime in below and let us know.

Thank you BBC for providing us with this information.
Image courtesy of Ford