Flux’s Modular 3D Printer Can Also be a Scanner and a Laser Engraver

With consumer interest in 3D printers waning after early excitement, the latest offering on Kickstarter may reignite its appeal. Flux, with its unique modular design, can also become a 3D scanner, a laser engraver, and even a ceramics and pastry printer, just by swapping out the included modules, making the all-in-one machine a hobbyist’s dream.

For such a versatile creation, Flux is simple and intuitive to set up, designed to be used from the box, with easily reparable or replaceable parts due to its modular construction. It features a Bluetooth-based control system and user-friendly interface software. Flux is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $499 on early-bird special, and £599 after that period. The device has already surpassed its $100k Kickstarter goal with 39 days left to go.

Source: TechCrunch