Flexible Screen From LG Could Make Roll-Up TV’s A Reality

The latest display technology from LG could pave the way for a TV unlike any other. We’ve seen flexible displays before, but this is the first I know of that can be rolled up into a tube of just 3cm in diameter. Just imagine having a 100″ TV that rolls up on a blind just like a projector screen, but with all the advantages of not actually needing a separate projection unit!

Currently the technology only goes as far as an 18″ display, and I imagine it would cold you one of your kidneys to be able to afford something this crazy, but the prototype is certainly the first steps in making this a commercial viability and roll-up screens do show a lot of promise, especially when it comes to finding ways of accommodating big screens into our living spaces.

The screen only has a resolution of 1200 x 810px at this time, but LG say that the screen can be rolled up without being turned off, and the picture wont distort even when it is rolled-up tight! Not sure what use it is having a TV switched on and distortion free while its rolled up like a camping mat, but it’s an impressive party trick regardless.

LG are moving fast with this product and say that a 60″ Ultra HD roll-up panel will be released in 2017, but I suspect it’ll still be a few more years before it’s cost falls in line with its practicality.

Thank you Telegraph for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Telegraph.