Five Iconic McLaren Sportscars To Be Included in WMDs Project CARS

Slightly Mad Studios announced the newest additions to Project CARS. McLaren Automotive joins the expanding list of manufactures represented in the studio’s upcoming WMD-powered racing title. Thanks to the efforts of SMS partner Andy Marshall of Racetek Simulators, players will be able to experience five of McLaren’s most successful & sought after sports cars in Project CARS.

Project CARS is already shaping up to be the best looking racing game ever made, especially so on PC where many pre-release users of the game have been uploading some truly mind blowing montage videos of the games powerful graphics engine.

Now we see that Mclaren Automotive will be adding digital editions of their high-performance vehicles. Mclaren sports cars have enjoyed tremendous success on and off the race track, clinching various awards, championships and accolades ever since the company’s foundation in 1989. Project CARS will allow everyone to experience the long way Mclaren has come, starting with the 1994 McLaren F1. The company’s first road car made the Guiness Book of World Records as “World’s Fastest Production Road Car”, hitting 391 kph of top-end speed thanks to its mighty BMW V12 engine.

Completing the selection of McLaren cars in Project CARS is the company’s newest brainchild – The Mclaren P1 plug-in hybrid supercar.

McLaren in Project CARS

  • 1994 McLaren F1
  • 1997 McLaren F1 GTR
  • 2013 McLaren 12C
  • 2013 McLaren 12C GT3
  • 2013 McLaren P1

WMD members will be the first to test drive these new additions once they are being added to the Project CARS development builds. To shorten the waiting time, members also get to follow every aspect of the car development process on the WMD forums, from the first steps of development to the finished car out on track.

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and WiiU in 2014 and is available to play now for those who provided backing of the game in its early development time.

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Image courtesy of WMDPortal.