First GTX 780 Benchmarks Spotted Online

The GTX 780 is almost upon us and it was only a matter of time before someone plugged one into a test bench to see what this thing was capable of, or at least do it, then tell everyone else about it.

The card appears to be around 20% faster than the GTX 680, which as many of you will know the GTX 680 isn’t exactly lacking in performance to start with and 20% increase is a very welcome boost indeed.

This makes the GTX 780 the flagship card for the 7xx range, or at least it does for now until non reference cards are released. The GTX 780 is based around the GK110 core (GK110-300-A2) and with 2304 cores, 3GB GDDR5 memory and a 320-384-bit memory interface. Core clocks are set at 837MHz with turbo taking that up to 992Mhz and a memory runs an an effective clock of 6000MHz.

The GPU also features the same cooler as the Titan and while I’m not sure if this cooler is modified since it featured on the titan you can bet it offers similar performance, with better thermals than the GTX 680 and certainly a lot lest noise.

The price is expected to be around 500-600 Euros but you can expect to pay a premium for overclocked models a few weeks after release of the reference cards. It will be interesting to see how the card performs in a gaming environment, but for now the best we can do is look at these benchmarks.

Are you excited about the GTX 780? It’s certainly shaping up to be a popular card, although the 7xx range is looking like a more worthy update for those who haven’t already invested in 6xx.

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