First AMD Radeon 400 GPUs to Arrive April

With 2016 well under way, many are already looking forwards for AMD to launch their Polaris and Radeon 400 series GPUs. While past generations have mostly launched with the desktop or enterprise cards first, the first news for the 400 series is coming from the mobile side. In announcing their new YOGA 510 series of laptops, Lenovo has inadvertently revealed that AMD’s Radeon R7 M460 and R5 M430 will be coming in April.

YOGA 510-14ISK notebook will ship with Radeon R5 M430 and YOGA 510-15ISK with R7 M460 graphics cards. Given the R5 and R7 labels, neither of these 2 cards will be speed demons. Right now the R5 M330 is the lowest tier mobile GPU from AMD with 320 CUs and the R7 M360 is little faster at 384 CUs. The M3xx models are based off GCN 1.0 so there is good chance the new cards will be GCN 4 based in order to take advantage of the power efficiency Polaris brings, something critical to mobile.

Both laptops are relatively well-endowed products and powered by Intel Skylake Pentium or i7 CPUs, Both GPUs will have 2GB of VRAM to help power the 1080p IPS display. Don’t expect much gaming though as these devices are decidedly portable. Other specifications include up to 8GB of DDR4 and 256GB SSD or 1TB HDD. Both laptops will be available starting in April.