Final HTC Vive Will be Revealed this Autumn

The final HTC Vive will be revealed this Autumn, October to be more exact, but as we all know; technology reveals rarely make the proposed launch date. The HTC Vive has been flaunted in front of Comin-Con goers in San Diego for most of last week, however, these were only developer kits.

HTC executive director of marketing, Jeffrey Gattis mentioned “We are targeting mid-October, but have not yet finalized the event details, venue, etc,” in regards to when a final Vive VR product will be ready.

While this pretty much confirms that the consumer product is ready, we do not have any confirmed specifications or product pictures to picture what the VR headset will look like; however, Gattis did mention “more refined from a design standpoint”, which denotes that it could be a slimmer, lighter, more aesthetically pleasing version of the dev kits we have been seeing. Gattis also revealed that “Our hardware development, for the consumer versions of both the HMD and wireless controllers, remain on schedule for the end of 2015.”

I’m so excited for the HTC Vive, Okay the Oculus Rift is the big player, but HTC are working hand in hand with Valve, who just happen to own the largest online gaming platform in the world; I can see heaps more compatibility with the HTC Vive than the Oculus Rift. However, Oculus do have industry ties with the likes of NVIDIA, Unreal and such, so it will be likely boil down to how impatient you are when one launches before the other.

Thank you to techradar for providing us with this information.