Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta Coming To PS4 End Of February

While Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been a success for Square Enix with heaps of players dueling it out in Eorzea, it will only get better as of February 22nd. This is the date that Square Enix will release its open beta for all Playstation 4 owners to explore the wonderful world of Eorzea. The open beta will occur in two stages, in the first stage which will run from February 22nd till March 3rd. After this first stage of the beta there will sadly be a character reset, the second stage of the beta will run from April 4th to April 7th and upon completion of this stage users will be able to keep their characters and use them when the game is released on April 14th.

But wait the news gets even better with players able to transfer their accounts from the Playstation 3 copy at no charge. However it does come with a catch upon transferring your Playstation 3 account and character over to the Playstation 4 version it will disable your Playstation 3 account. So the bad news is if you want to play on both consoles two copies of the game will be required for each different system. The redeeming factor of the Playstation 4 version is that it includes mouse and keyboard support, as well as Dual Shock 4 touch-pad compatibility and PS Vita remote play. Also offered on the Playstation 4 version of the game is full 1080p, to view some of the new visuals please watch the trailer below.


The prices of the Playstation 4 version are as follows (from Square Enix Online Store), Standard Edition is $39.99, Digital Collectors Edition $59.99 and Physical Collectors Edition will be $79.99. All copies come with 30 days of online playtime included with subscription fees of $12.99 a month there after applying (discounts apply for bulk buying of playtime).

Thanks to Game Informer for the information provided

Image courtesy of Gamer Headlines