Final Fantasy Character Designer Re-Imagines Batman

Legendary creator and designer Tetsuya Nomura has worked on titles such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, creating many of the iconic characters from both series. Now he’s tipped his talents towards the world DC Comics Batman for an upcoming line of Square Enix and DC Comics produced collectible figurines, as part of their Variant Play Arts Kai series.

I must admit, this re-imagined Batman looks freaking awesome! It’s more than enough for me to want a game and / or a movie to be made of this menacing looking vigilante. Plus the design gets bonus points for not having those weird looking nipple add-ons, such as those added to the George Clooney Batman armour.

Overall it looks like a superb villain from the Final Fantasy series, and if you’re eager to add this model to your collection, then you’ll find the Nomura models at San Diego Comic-Con, and retail sales are set to follow shortly.

Thank you Eurogamer for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Eurogamer.