Fear the Wind No More with These Windscreens for Your Smartphone

For a while now, smartphones have had built-in software that eliminates background noise caught by the microphone, but the one thing it hasn’t fully tackled is wind. Which is why we still see foam covers over most microphones on big headsets used at outdoor events. Ever think that would be great to have for your phone? Now you can thanks to Windblockers.

Designed to gently clamp onto the edge of a smartphone, or a tablet if you must, it will prevent wind, “weather” it’s a gust or constant breeze, from overpowering your voice, and making sure your important words get heard. Being so small and easily removed, this is a nifty addition when you need it most.

Only recently revealed at Mobile World Congress, they don’t have a price yet, but hopes are that they won’t cost much.

Source: Gizmodo