FCC Votes for Net Neutrality in Landmark Vote

The US Federal Communications Commission has voted to implement Title II regulation upon internet service providers, introducing a set of strict rules ensuring net neutrality. The Commission voted 3-to-2 in favour of the regulation as part of a historic vote in the history of the internet.

The vote was attended by a number of web and technology dignitaries, including the inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and Apple Co-Foudner, Steve Wozniak. Berners-Lee added his support before the vote, saying “We have to add net neutrality to a list of basic market conditions that we protect.” Well it appears that the FCC agreed, as a majority decided to align with Tom Wheeler, the head of the Commission, who lead an impassioned speech in support of the regulation.

The ruling now puts internet access alongside the provision of utilities, in that it should be provided equally and fairly to all, prohibiting companies from creating ‘fast lanes’ and other measures that could limit the openness of the web. That’s in the US at least.

Source: The Verge