Far Cry Primal To Get Expert Mode In Day One Patch

From deserts to tropical islands and even the Himalayas, the Far Cry series has seen us take on everything from wild beasts with claws to hired mercenaries with guns. This is nothing compared to what is coming with the new game in the series, Far Cry Primal, looking to send you back in time to an age of feral sabertooth tigers and giant wooly mammoths. If this wasn’t enough for you to survive against, one day one you can expect to receive a whole new challenge in the form of the Expert Mode.

Like many games, Far Cry has always been about challenging the players but allowing you to experience the game as you feel comfortable, be that by taking damage and having to retake the island that you swore to free from madmen or taking a casual stroll amongst the bullets as you go about freeing countries before lunch time. The Expert Mode is more for those who want to feel the pressure of the hunt, with enemies getting a buff to everything while Takkar, your character, suffers more from even the slightest wound.

While a nice feature the day one patch will also feature improved stability and performance, with player collision and AI overhauls being amongst the list of fixes and changes, the full list of which you can below.

Expert Mode Changes

  • Players’ health has been halved compared to Hard difficulty.
  • Reduced players aim assist.
  • AI shoots faster by 1/3
  • Enemies in combat are not shown on mini map by default (they appear only if they are tagged).
  • It takes the AI a longer time to “forget” you when you hide
  • The aim assist box is reduced for several weapon types (bow, club, spear)
  • The player damage is reduced

Other Fixes:

Stability & Performance

  • Optimization and stability have been improved
  • Improved lighting

Weapons & HUD

  •  Improved reticle display

Wildlife & AI 

  • Improved beast companion behavior
  • Fixed rare animation issues
  • Improved visual of the mammoth when it destroys objects
  • Improved animal fighting behavior when triggering a fight

Design & progression  

  • Tweaked and balanced XP rewards
  • Tweaked the damage ratio of certain recipes
  • Improved overall balancing

Gameplay  Fixes

  • Improved animations of weapons on fire
  • Fixed issues with lit weapons during cinematics at night
  • Improved player navigation and small collision issues
  • Improved camera transition and minor collision issues on cinematics