Fallout 4 Update 1.2 Alleged to Downgrade Graphical Performance on All Platforms

Now that Bethesda’s Update 1.2 for Fallout 4 has rolled out for Xbox One, making it available for every platform, reports suggest that the graphical performance of the game has been downgraded, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One alike.

The update has already caused issues for some modders – which thankfully can be circumvented by those using NMM – and, combined with the alleged graphical downgrade, Bethesda seems to have eroded the faith of some gamers with its latest patch.

EuroGamer’s Digital Foundary put the updated PS4 version through its paces, saying:

“Bethesda delivers a notable boost in Corvega’s overall performance level compared to the day one patch. Across the breadth of our video below, a run of this area puts us at a fixed 30fps in places where the older version dwelled in the mid-20s. It’s a night and day difference at points. It’s a handsome boost then – but it must be stressed that we’re still in the process of determining whether this improvement reflects the game’s other stress-points on PS4 – such as effects-heavy battles.”

The video shows that the update has certainly improved performance, providing a more stable framerate, but still with the occasional drop on a busy screen. It seems, though, that the trade-off to achieve said stability has meant the removal of platform shadows (screencap from 1:14 below).

Ricerocket on Neogaf has taken a screenshot of the PC version – with the game being played on maxed-out settings and shadow distance on ‘high’ – that shows the same omission of shadows: