Fallout 4 Player Recreates Tenpenny Tower

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When it comes to gaming platforms, people have all kinds of preferences, some like just picking up a controller and going rounds after rounds on their TV while others like sitting at their desk and hearing the fans power up the overclocked graphics. One thing I like about playing games on PC’s is the ability to include mods or user-created content. Some people add new content, some people bring back the old, such as one user who recreated the Fallout 3 structure Tenpenny Tower in Fallout 4.

Dubbed Nopenny Tower, the building is modelled after the lovely building stands tall over the barren wasteland of Fallout 3. Courtesy of Imgur user Jondak, you can enjoy the site of Nopenny tower created with only a few mods and console commands.

Tenpenny Tower

From watching Batman Vs Superman trailers in GTA V to seeing the entire map of Skyrim come alive in Unreal 4, you really do have to admire some people’s abilities and skills with modding tools.

If you could see one thing recreated within a game what would it be? Would you rebuild a city from an old game or movie, or why not add something different to a game and watch the worlds you play in expand. Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s see what ideas we can get made!

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2 Comments on Fallout 4 Player Recreates Tenpenny Tower

  • Avatar Mark Watson says:

    It is a little misleading that the images in this post are quite clearly not from Fallout 4. The actual rendition is nowhere near as accurate.

  • Avatar Matthew Pierson says:

    Yeah this article has almost no substance.

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