Fallout 4 PC Graphics Settings Unveiled

Fallout 4’s release date is tantalizingly close and looks set to be one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. In the modern internet age, it can be quite difficult to avoid spoilers which quickly go viral and become splattered all over social media. Although, some leaks are useful when judging the game’s scaling across a wide range of configurations. While we don’t have any benchmarks yet, the Dark Side of Gaming has leaked an options menu which illustrates how easily it is to tweak the settings to your PC’s capabilities.

As you can see, Fallout 4 is utilizing the same engine from 2006, although there are some additional options in the form of SSAO, Temporal AA and more! This does raise some concerns about the game’s graphical quality, but if it is lacking, mods should help to improve the textures, lighting and shadows. I’m pleased to see a good array of options, but the main problem Fallout has experienced in the past is multi-core optimization. In Fallout 3, on a Q6660, I had to disable all but 2 cores to run the game properly.

It’s only a matter of time before we know the game’s true performance, but the Fallout series relies more on gameplay instead of beautiful visuals.