Fallout 4 Looks Impressive as an Isometric RPG

The original Fallout game, as well as its Fallout 2 successor, were isometric role-playing games, but Fallout 3’s developers decided to go in a different direction and changed the player’s perspective to first person or third person. This gave Fallout 3 a first-person-shooter feel that was appreciated by some players and disliked by others, and even though Fallout 4 follows the same first-person trend, a Reddit user named “Rose Beef” has decided to show us what the game would look like as an isometric RPG. The user has released a series of screenshots that show off exactly what the game looks like from an isometric viewpoint, and I have to admit that I’m quite impressed.

Considering the fact that the graphics look quite detailed, I definitely wouldn’t mind playing Fallout 4 from this particular perspective, especially since it would remind me of the original game every step of the way. Those of you who are familiar with older RPGs are probably aware that the earliest of them featured isometric viewpoints, including the likes of Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale or Neverwinter Nights. If someone would release a mod that would alter Fallout 4’s camera angle permanently, would you consider installing it and giving it a try yourself? If you’re having trouble answering the question, maybe you should have a look at “Rose Beef’s” screenshots below.