Facebook’s Diversity Report Revealed – Predominantly White Males Just Like Google

When Google released their diversity report about a month ago the results were fairly incendiary. Google was accused of sexism, racism, discrimination and much more but I think many people failed to acknowledge that Google can’t employ a diverse mixture of people if the pool of qualified personnel from which they have to hire is not diverse. That’s not to say Google doesn’t still have social responsibility to improving access to technology qualifications across genders and ethnicities, but that’s a long term process. Today is Facebook’s turn to take a beating from the discrimination camp as it has just published its diversity report. The results are largely the same: 69% male vs Google’s 71% and 57% white vs Google’s 61%. Facebook also have sharp polarisation of white males at the senior level and a much more diverse mix in the “non-tech” category, pretty much a mirror image of Google. Yet again Females, Hispanics and Black people are all under-represented. Check out the full details and statistics of Facebook’s diversity report at the source link.

What are your thoughts on Facebook’s diversity report?

Source: Facebook

Images courtesy of Facebook