Facebook Now Supports GIFs

Brace Yourself! A flood of GIFs on Facebook are coming! Finally, Facebook is rolling out support for GIFs. Other Social Networking sites like Google Plus has supported this for a while. Facebook has not laid out full support at this time; the support is conditional and requires you to have the GIF hosted on a different server, like Imgur or Tumblr and then drop the link of the file in your status. Uploading the GIF to Facebook will convert it into a static file and the result will no longer be the one that is desired at least at the time of writing.

Here is the static image showing the GIF play button on Facebook.

The animated GIF can be played / activated by clicking the “GIF” button encircled by a dotted line in the center of the image. You can check out some animated GIFs in action in this Facebook group. It looks like the functionality is still being rolled out, so if it might not work for you just yet.

To spice this development up, an incredible awesome trick to share YouTube video in GIF format appeared yesterday on Reddit. To pull this off, just add “gif” before www.youtube.com/[id] which makes it www.gifyoutube.com/[id].

This is a desirable change which should have come long ago, but better late than never, it is finally here. Let us know your opinions on this change.

Thank you TheNextWeb for providing us with this information.