Facebook F8 Live Stream: What’s New with Facebook Video

Facebook have had a video platform for quite a while now, but compared to services like YouTube, I think it’s fair to say that Facebook’s solution sucks. All that is about to change, with a range of new features that are set to pave the way for better, more usable videos for content providers on Facebook and no doubt many of the features will benefit personal users in the long run too.

Content creators can now benefit from improved scheduling and takedown systems, with the added bonus that analytic data is no longer lost when the video is removed, for whatever reasons. You can better restrict your audience, which means more appropriate audience targeting to ensure the right people see the content you created. The file size is now 1.5GB and can run for up to 45 minutes, great for content creates who want to share short stories, possibly even movies and TV shows through the platform.

A new uploading system will allow for multiple uploads, as well as real-time updates on video processing, giving you a better idea of when your content will be ready to publish.

Location sensitive subtitles, publishing directly to tab and even custom thumbnails are certainly welcome features, which should help provide a more user-friendly experience.

You can now also manage the featured videos and playlists, no more random selections as seen by the current format.

The most important aspect, however, is the new Video API embed tool. You can simply pull a HTML embed code and share your video on other sites, such as in the content we create on eTeknix. This means sites may no longer need to rely on YouTube to share their content and it also means that Facebook content reach won’t be limited to the sites news feed.

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