Facebook F8 Live Stream: How News Feed Works

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The Facebook news feed is the main focus for anyone who uses the social media site to consumer or share content. But what are the best ways to ensure the content you share is seen by the people who will care about them most? That’s exactly what the experts at Facebook are discussing right now at F8.

Facebooks Cheif Product Officer, Chris Cox and Adam Mosseri, took to the stage to discuss news feed and how they plan to make the most of it. The first thing he discussed was how Facebook are trying to move away from the old model of filtering content based on your likes and comments, to provide a more personal level of content that you find interesting and really care about. A difficult task for a site that curates content to over 2 billion people around the world.

A quick walkthrough discussed how Facebook mixes content from friends with the brands you follow. Which obviously means that virtually everyone’s feed is unique to them and how they interact with it is different too.

Do you comment on one brand a lot, do you watch a lot of videos, do you hide a lot of posts. All these aspects are calculated to give you more or less of that particular content in the future. They also showed how their customisation features work, asking people a side by side, what kind of content is more interesting to you, which further helps curate the right content, for when you really want it.

We’ll bring you more updates as the event continues.