Facebook F8 Developer Conference, What We’ve Learnt So Far

Facebook F8 has been packed full of interesting developments and the event has only been going for less than two hours! Mark Zuckerberg gave the opening keynote, where he and his team discussed the past, present and future of the Facebook platform, but more interestingly, what new features we have as of today and coming in the near future.

Facebook Messenger is getting a huge overhaul, adding a massive range of new features to allow users to dynamically curate original content and share it with their groups, without having to leave the app interface.

A new software SDK has been announced, which will help better integrate Facebook with web-connected devices, playing into the much-hyped marketing term “the internet of things.” That means Facebook could help integrate with everything from your smart connect fridge, tv, automatic garage doors, smart thermostats, smart fitness wearables and a whole lot more.

A new video platform will allow easier ways for content providers to share content on Facebook as well as a much easier method for embedding video and general Facebook content on their site.

New comments API will sync comments from websites with the comments on Facebook, saving a conversation from being split in two.

The coolest thing is of course Spherical Video, a new platform for sharing Oculus Rift ready content. Why share a simple image of your holiday when you can share a 3D scene! Of course, we still need to see the technology used to capture such scenes, but no doubt Facebook will reveal more on this over the next two days of the event.