Facebook, Microsoft & Google Demand Permission To Reveal Spy Requests

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In the wake of being subject to bad press due to the whole “PRISM” data collection scandal, Facebook, Microsoft and Google have all been adamant to get permission to reveal details of secret FISA (foreign intelligence surveillance act) requests, according to Softpedia. This is because Facebook, Microsoft and Google want to be transparent about the fact they are being forced to give data over to the unconstitutional FISA requests. You could also argue there is in an attempt to cash in on some good press while everyone bashes the U.S government and the NSA.

While Microsoft has questioned the privacy practices of Google in the past, it is nice to see three leading “internet” based corporations leading the way against PRISM. The U.S government still maintains that all its surveillance, including but not limited to the Verizon scandal, is constitutional under the Patriot Act. Although what’s ironic is that the writer of the Patriot Act, James Sensenbreener, has claimed the U.S government is exploiting an “overbroad interpretation of the Act”.

It would certainly be interesting to see how many requests these companies have been forced to respond to, but it seems unlikely this information will ever get the go ahead unless the U.S government is put under more pressure. What are your thoughts on Facebook, Microsoft and Google demanding transparency?

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2 Comments on Facebook, Microsoft & Google Demand Permission To Reveal Spy Requests

  • Avatar Danny says:

    Everyone already knew the US government spied on anything with american in it and they’ve always denied it. Now they’ve been found out they’re like “we only spy on people who are a threat”. in my opinion, every country shares data with each other and only admit to it when they’re found out.

  • Avatar ein311 says:

    Eric Holder’s the Attorney General…. the PATRIOT Act author is Jim Sensenbrenner…

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