F1 2015 Release Date Postponed

It seems there is a trend at the moment when it comes to game release dates being postponed. The latest in the row is Codemasters latest racing game, F1 2015. The game was originally scheduled for a June 12th release date, but that won’t stick.

A new and short 22 seconds trailer video was released recently and it features a release date set for the 21st of July instead. That would a delay for about 6 weeks. Contradicting the information in the video itself, the video description mentions a July 10th release date which only works out to about a four-week delay.

Steam seems to agree with the last date and also has a July 10th date set as release. It’s also worth mentioning that Steam has a 10% discount running for pre-orders.

Project Cars was released recently and that’s an amazing game, so you’ll just have to play that until the newest installment from Codemaster becomes available on July the 10th or 21st.

F1 2015 is built on a completely new engine that is said to bring you closer than ever before to the real F1 experience. Realistic physics and advanced graphics will take your skills to the limits, may it be in the Pro Season, online play or single player against the clock.