Extreme Windows Blog Shows Off Triple 4K Gaming System

With 4K monitors now popping up sparingly across the market it was only a matter of time before someone went to town and made an Eyefinity 4K display set up. Someone over on the Extreme Windows Blog and has done exactly that. The system is monstrously expensive at $17,000  thanks to three Sharp PN-K321 4K Monitors, three Radeon HD 7970s…and the rest of the system.

Combined the system produced a mammoth 11520 by 2160 Eyefinity display with the help of an array of display adapters to get the correct configuration. With 1.5 billion pixels its no wonder that at least CrossFire HD 7970s are required to play most games at 60FPS with medium settings.

It is almost certain that AMD and Microsoft collaborated strongly with this venture-cum-publicity-stunt as it required some special custom drivers. Without these custom drivers the games were limited to 8FPS.

There is no doubt that this is a totally ridiculous set up that no one will use for many years to come but its nice to see that a single current generation graphics cards is capable of powering three 4K monitors even if it can only deliver 30 FPS at medium settings.


Images courtesy of the Extreme Windows Blog