Experts Reveal Criminal DIY Bitcoin Mining Tool

The Security Experts “Webroot” have revealed a subscription-based criminal DIY mining malware tool. Apparently they found this tool on a Cybercrime forum and the tool can be used to Bitcoin mine on malware infected PCs.

“The Bitcoin mining tool comes with a DIY generating tool, start up functionality, installation persistence, assembly changer, icon changer, support for both Bitcoin and Litecoin CPU/GPU, the ability to change the CPU/GPU threads, as well as the ability to adjust the GPU fan percentage”

People interested in using this can pay via non-traceable methods such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Teracoin or Litecoin. Cybercriminals can use this tool on malware infected PCs to generate profit. In fact the controls are so advanced that the cybercrimianls can set fan speeds and maximum temperatures on the victim’s PC.

There are currently so many “underground/criminal shops” selling access to hacked computers and exploitative software that Cybercriminals don’t even have to bother hacking people’s computers as someone else has already done the hard work for them.

I think the lesson of this story is clear; never underestimate the value being a cautious internet user, having a solid firewall, good anti-virus but most importantly using your common sense online. Keep an eye on your CPU/GPU usage too because the chances are if your system is always running at close to 100% then you could be a victim of this type of Bitcoin mining hijack malware that is becoming ever more prevalent in recent times.

Image courtesy of Webroot