Expendables 3 Leaks Online; Hundred of Thousands Have Downloaded Already

The Expendables 3 has leaked ahead of its August 15 debut, with a copy of near-DVD quality finding its way onto piracy websites, torrents and other download sources. Within the first 12 hours of the movie making its way online, news had spread fast and over 100,000 copies of the film had been downloaded.

“LETS GO DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE!” I hear you cry, but I wouldn’t be so fast, as Nu Image wasted no time in tracking down and suing those who downloaded the original movie. Although I’m sure most of you are at least wary of the legal risks of movie downloading anyway.

Movies leak all the time, but this one stands out from the crowd by a large margin. Not only is this pegged to be the ultimate summer blockbuster, featuring almost every famous action movie star and a few other tough celebrities in the one film (Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Wesley Snipes, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Randy Couture, Ronda Rousey and more), but it’s the fact that it leaked so early and in such high quality. Normally you’ll find a movie leaks with shaky cam footage from some murky cinema.

What is unclear at this time is how this happened. I certainly wouldn’t like to be the guy who has to explain to Lionsgate, and I wouldn’t like to be the source of the leak, because it’s pretty likely that they’ll be traced.

Thank you TorrentFreak for providing us with this information.