What to Expect from Monday’s Apple Event

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Apple has a big event scheduled for Monday. Titled “Spring forward”, the event is expected to give us everything we need to know about the Apple Watch ahead of its release in April. But what exactly will they reveal?  Also, what other products could they introduce? A new iPad? A MacBook Air? Here are our predictions.

apple watch edition

We know a lot about the watch – the bands, the different models, including the aluminium ‘Sport’, the standard stainless steel ‘Apple Watch’ and the 18-karat gold ‘Edition’. We also know that it pairs with an iPhone 5s and higher and that it will be priced starting at $349. But there’s also many things we don’t yet know. The number one thing most people are interested in is the prices. While we know what it will start at, we don’t know what that price is applicable to. So here are our estimates:

  • Apple Watch Sport: $349
  • Apple Watch: $400
  • Apple Watch Edition: $5,000

There’s also the many bands made of varying materials which will have different individual prices.

As for everything else to do with the watch, we can expect to learn how much battery life it will deliver, how long it will take to charge and we should see some more apps. Expect to see more stock apps pre-installed on the device, as well as a number of third-party apps from developers who have been invited to work closely with Apple.

So what else could we see on Monday? The two big rumours circulating at the moment concern a larger ‘iPad Pro’ and a redesigned MacBook Air. There’s also the new Beats streaming music service. Now for the music service and the iPad, it seems that they won’t come until later in the year. The latest rumours suggest that Apple’s first true foray into streaming music won’t arrive until the summer, when it will likely be unveiled at the June WWDC. The larger ‘iPad Pro’ now seems to be likely to arrive in the Autumn, perhaps September or October.

As for the redesigned MacBook Air, many things are pointing to it arriving on Monday. That will apparently be a new 12-inch model that is even thinner than the current model, with a ‘Retina Display’ and potentially a radically new approach to I/O. According to some rumours this new Air is expected to feature only one port for I/O and that port will also double as the power input, somewhat like the iPad.


Whatever happens on Monday, we’ll be sure to cover it here at eTeknix. Stay tuned to our site at 10am PST/ 17.00 UTC on Monday 9th March where we’ll find out what Apple has it up its sleeve.

Source: MacRumors, 9to5Mac

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