Evo Labs Tri-Colour LED Multimedia Keyboard Review

Final Thoughts


I couldn’t find the Evo Labs Tri-Colour Multimedia Keyboard at any of our preferred retailers at the time of writing, but you can find it easily enough with a quick Google. Prices seem to vary quite a bit from £12-20 (including shipping), but many eBay stores seem to have it stocked for around £15, which is certainly a fair and affordable price.


I quite like this keyboard, despite the fact that I have to be honest and say it’s also a bit rubbish. On one hand, I’m certainly not about to throw out my mechanical keyboard and start using the Evo Labs full-time, but I’ve been using this budget keyboard for two days now and I honestly have no complaints about it, or at least not that couldn’t be reasoned away by looking at the price tag.

If someone asked me to build them a computer on a budget, I’d no doubt add something like the Evo Labs keyboard to the shopping list. It’s a nice looking keyboard, has a few little bonus features such as the LED lighting and the multimedia keys and it performs well enough to justify a purchase. It’s also a good option for those who need a temporary keyboard, such as  breaking your £100+ mechanical at a LAN event and can’t replace it until payday, meaning that the Evo Labs will make for an affordable stand-in until you can cut a bigger cheque.

I’m not going to give this keyboard an award, as its build quality and backlight performance could be a little better. However, at this price it’s hard to be picky and it’s great to see a competitive product in this price range offering some strong features and a nice typing action.


  • Affordable
  • Multimedia and shortcut keys
  • Tri-Colour backlighting
  • Fast typing action
  • Lightweight


  • Not very durable
  • LED lighting not great in a bright room
  • Limited availability

“Lightweight, cheap and respectable performance. It’s not going to win a gold medal anytime soon, but when you need something to get the job done, at a price that respects the void in your wallet, Evo Labs tick just enough of the right boxes.”