EVGA X10 Mouse & Z10 Keyboard @ CES 2016

CES 2016: Gaming, there’s no doubt about it, a lot of PC gamers love it. PC gaming is even better when you’ve got a great set of peripherals too, and the Z10 from EVGA certainly fits the bill. Equipped with high-end Cherry MX switches, LED backlighting, slider switches for volume and lighting and a bold angular design, it’s certainly a nice keyboard.

However, it’s one extra little feature that sets this keyboard apart, as it can hook up to your graphics cards to allow GPU overclocking directly from the keyboard! If that’s not a great tool for overclocking, I don’t know what is!

The Torq X10 mouse is looking great too, with its aggressive and textured design, LED lighting and fantastic build quality, I can see this being a popular choice for competitive gamers.

There are two huge slipmats on the base, giving it fantastic glide.

And finally, it’s got an adjustable design to help better fit your hand.

Would you buy either of these? Would you like direct OC’ing on your keyboard?