Eve: Valkyrie Pre-Alpha Registration Ongoing

The world of virtual reality is ever-expanding and what better way than to have a Triple-A game, released by the Sci-Fi experts over at CCP Games, as a launch title for the Oculus Rift? Earlier this year CCP Games announced that the title was beginning registration for Pre-Alpha for Eve Online and Dust 514 players, the latter being somewhat of an unintentional joke as you can make a free Dust 514 account using your PSN account simply by going to dust514.com. That same pre-alpha registration for Valkyrie is still ongoing bearing in mind that the VR title is slated to require a powerhouse PC to be able to play, as mentioned in a previous article here at eTeknix and as stated by CCP Karuck on the Eve Valkyrie forums:

“We haven’t announced any minimum/recommended specs yet, but due to the incredibly heavy demands VR puts on a system (steady 90 fps at very high resolutions, stereo view) I can tell you the requirements will be higher than EVE’s :)” – CCP Karuck

What is known for certain is that the pre-alpha requires, at a minimum, an Oculus Rift DK2, and given the sheer quality of the gameplay video revealed at Eve Fanfest 2015, it’s no wonder that the game has the hardware requirements that it does, being a VR title.

While Eve: Valkyrie does not have an official release date (based on the Oculus Rift’s consumer version release date), you can still register for the pre-alpha if you have an active Eve Online or Dust 514 account, as well as an Oculus Rift DK2, by going to www.evevalkyrie.com/prealpha.