Epic Games Is Developing a MOBA for PC and PlayStation 4

Some of you might argue that there are already enough MOBA titles to go around, but I think that there’s room for at least one more major game, especially if it’s being developed by a prestigious company such as Epic Games. Known for creating Gears of War, Epic Games is currently working on a very promising-looking multiplayer shooter that will be released on the PC and on PlayStation 4 consoles. Dubbed Paragon, this multiplayer online battle arena will feature gameplay elements borrowed from games such as League of Legends, DOTA and Smite, as it will allow two teams of five players each to battle it out in order to achieve control of a single map.

Moreover, surely in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience, Epic Games has decided to implement a card-collecting aspect into Paragon, which will definitely be interesting to explore. The game will enter its beta phase on PS4 and PC in summer 2016, and it will apparently benefit from a paid “early access” system. Below you will find a cinematic trailer for Paragon as well as an early alpha gameplay trailer that shows how the game might look like on the PC. I’ll admit that I’m looking forward to this, how about you?