Enermax to debut liquid cooling at Computex 2012

Closed loop liquid CPU coolers are all the rage these days, arguably they are the new fashionable way to cool your CPU – rapidly replacing the tower heatsink CPU cooler design. Enermax seem to be the latest company wanting to hop on the liquid cooling bandwagon. We have known about Enermax’s plans to develop a liquid CPU cooler all the way back since CeBIT 2012 in Germany earlier this year. As far as we know Enermax have plans for just one liquid cooling base product that may have slight variations such as single fan or dual fan. The new Enermax liquid cooling that will debut at Computex 2012 is likely to feature the following:

  • “Micro Channel” copper cold plate for more effective heat transfer
  • Ceramic bearing pump
  • Durable and silent 120mm twister bearing fan

Enermax also plans to unveil some other products at Computex 2012 such as the huge 2500W LED power industrial power supply as well as 1350W and 1700W variants of the Platimax series. Their booth is located at at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, 1st floor, No. I-1110.

Source: PR