Enermax Thormax Giant E-ATX Full-Tower Chassis Review

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Enermax have created some truly stunning products over the years, from stunning CPU coolers, loads of amazing chassis’, great power supplies and much more! So I’m very happy to see one of their flagship chassis in the office today, the Thormax Giant, the E-ATX edition of their ever-popular Thormax. Of course, as the ‘Giant’ part of the name would suggest, this chassis isn’t small, and it’s not especially cheap either, clocking in at around £120 here in the UK.

From the Thormax Giant, you get a lot back in return for your investment. There’s room for E-ATX motherboards, which means 9 expansion slots; more than enough for a triple GPU configuration. There’s a pair of 180mm T.B.Vegas fans pre-installed, as well as a rear 120mm fan, with room for plenty more fans should you need them and impressive water cooling potential to boot.


One thing is immediately apparent, this is one seriously aggressive looking chassis! It may look a little out of place in the office of an accountant, but it’s going to look the part for a high-end gaming rig. There’s a funky side panel window, lots of ventilation and even a 180mm Blue LED fan on the left side panel.


The right side is much the same design as the left, albeit without the window or the fan.


More aggressive shapes on the front, with loads of ventilation on the bottom half for yet another 180mm fan, with support for 200mm, as well as ventilated 5.25″ drive bay covers.


Around the back you’ll find a 120mm fan pre-installed, with support for a 140mm fan if you need it. There’s two pop-out covers at the top for cable/water routing, as well as four rubber grommeted cut-outs down the side for more of the same.


Even more ventilation on the top for optional top mounted cooling. You’ll even find room for an (up to) 360mm radiator here.


The front panel is very well equipped. There’s a flat space for storing your phone, keys, loose change, etc. There’s a control panel for the power and reset, as well as fan LED control and fan speed control. Finally, you’ll find HD audio jacks, dual USB 3.0 and quad USB 2.0 ports.


The base of the chassis has two slide-out dust filters and four very sturdy feet.


The feet can be swung outwards, providing you with an extremely stable base for your system; this is great if you have a lot of cooling in the top, making your chassis top-heavy.


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