Enermax Released ETS-T40F Models and Test It Versus Coffee Boiler

Enermax had a very popular CPU cooler ever since they launched the original ETS-T40 about four years ago and now they’re following up on that with a new series of CPU coolers that should satisfy almost anyone. The new ETS-T40F comes in three version and the F suffix in the name stands for Fit and highlights the extra slim cooler.

The ETS-T40F only has 41mm depth, making it a good fit for almost any setup, no matter how tight it is. The cooler is using proven technologies such as vacuum effect flow, vortex generator flow, and direct touch heat pipes. Even with this slim 41mm heatsink, the ETS-T40F reaches a TDP of 200W which is quite impressive and the same level as the predecessor.

The first model in the series is the ETS-T40F-TB, and it comes with the very popular T.B. Silence 120mm fan that is extremely silent and comes with a wide RPM range from 800 to 1800 RPM. Even this low-noise bundled fan model comes with an extra RPM adapter to fulfill the requirements of ultra-silent PCs and it can take the fan level down to 400-900 RPM.

The second model is the ETS-T40F-RF and it comes with Enermax newly developed Winglet fan that measures 140mm that achieves an excellent balance between noise generation and cooling performance. It generates a significantly higher air flow than average 120mm case fans at low speeds while the special winglet blades reduce noisy air turbulence.

The third model is probably what you’d consider the premium model and it is the black ETS-T40F-BK. It is coated with a high-tech thermal-conductive finish which makes sure that the thermal resistance of the heat sink remains low. It comes equipped with the T.B.Apollish fan that has a patented LED ring that bathes your PC system in cool blue light. With 12 diodes, the LED technology guarantees extraordinary bright and intensive colours and with 800 to 1,800 RPM, the 12cm PWM fan has enough power to cool down strong gaming rigs.

Now, what was it about that coffee boiler I mentioned in the headline. Well, Enermax know they have created an awesome product with the ETS-T40F models. That means that they also needed something else to test it on to show what it can do. And what is closer to a nerds minds than coffee? Not much. Enermax measured how long it took for a 350W coffee boiler to bring water to boil first and then followed it up by a second attempt where they use the ETS-T40F to prevent the water from boiling. How effective that was can be seen in the video below. I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s quite impressive.

The ETS-T40F series supports all current Intel and AMD platforms, that includes Intel LGA 775, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, and 2011-3 as well as AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM2+. The three models are now available for sale and the MSRP inc. VAT is set to 37.90 Euro for ETS-T40F-TB, 40.90 Euro for the ETS-T40F-RF and 44.90 Euro for the ETS-T40F-BK.