Enermax DreamBass Genie Review

Enermax are a brand that through some way or another, you have most likely come across at some point in your life. Generally this would be the census if you have used one of their amazing world-renowned power supplies or one of their silent and bright coloured LED fans, or even as of late; a powerful CPU cooler or chassis which is a slightly new venture for them, and from what we’ve seen, a very successful one thus far.

With these product launches into different markets working for them, they are not stopping at just releasing products to these ranges, as they have delved straight into another market area, with PC audio, but not in terms of sound cards as you’d expect, but with more of an add-on style device to amplify your sound and give extra clarity from your audio that is already configured.

Now a device such as this, should not just be aimed at the desktop user with a fixed machine location, but instead appealing to the mass market of desktop users and those that are on the go with netbooks and notebooks, and that’s exactly who the DreamBass from Enermax is aimed at with its USB connectivity and striking design, so lets get straight into it to see if Enermax can make another successful merge into a very large, yet still niche market of audio products or if it will just be a gimmick that we’ve seen other brands try before.