Element Gaming Hyperion Micro-ATX Chassis Review

Final Thoughts


The Element Gaming Hyperion is available from eBuyer and comes with an RRP of just £54.99. That’s not a particularly expensive price, nor is it especially cheap, but it puts the Hyperion alongside numerous Micro-ATX chassis of a similar caliber.


Element Gaming may be a fairly new brand, but they’re certainly showing some promise. The Hyperion isn’t the best designed chassis in the world, especially in terms of the internal layout, which can be a little tricky at times, but the final build does deliver the goods despite this.

Build quality is rather good throughout, with dust filters where you need them, good quality plastics and metal work, even the side panels feel quite chunky and reliable. There’s also a bunch of fans pre-installed and to get four fans, one of which is a 200mm and two that are LED, makes the Hyperion rather good value for money vs similar priced competitors.

The aesthetics are pretty decent too, I joked that the top looks a little bit like an air conditioner, but I do like the design and with those blue LED fans fired up, it looks even better. The front panel is nice and tidy, the large side panel window is great for showing off your build and while the cable routing could do with some revisions, it still manages to do a decent job overall.

If I were building a cube style gaming chassis for LAN parties, or even just to stick on top of my desk, the Element Gaming Hyperion would certainly be a contender. It has all the right ingredients at a fairly reasonable price and you can’t really ask for much more than that.


  • Nice aesthetics
  • Four fans pre-installed
  • Side panel window
  • Large GPU support
  • Lots of fan mounts
  • Water cooling support


  • Unfamiliar brand name

“You may never have heard of Element Gaming, but that really shouldn’t put you off of a purchase. The Hyperion has room for plenty of high-end hardware and water cooling, looks great and comes with four good quality fans that help further the value for money, offering you a great start to any gaming build.”

Element Gaming Hyperian Micro-ATX Chassis Review

Thank you Element Gaming for providing us with this sample.