EKWB Unveils Intel SSD 750 Series Water Block

EKWB is one of the leading specialists when it comes to water cooling equipment and sells a wide range of products from CPU blocks to reservoirs. Today, the company announced a water block to fit any Intel 750 series solid state drive which employs two G1/4″ threads and a nickel-plated electrolytic copper base. Additionally, the top section is constructed from stainless steel and adopts a visually pleasing design.

When selecting water cooling components, the SSD isn’t a major priority and I cannot really see the benefit apart from enhanced aesthetics. Although, it’s certainly a talking point when added to a custom loop. As with any EKWB product, the build quality should be exceptional and a great addition to their line-up. Personally, it’s not something I would use as my SSDs are hidden behind the rear tray. Clearly, it’s a very niche product but it might cater to someone’s very specific needs.

Instead of water cooling an SSD for fun, I’d probably opt for a sound-card block instead due to the larger surface area. However, unless there’s an actual performance benefit from custom water blocks, I usually stay with a default setup.

What do you think of the EKWB SSD water block?

The block has a retail price of €89,95 and available from the EK Webshop.