EK Introduces Hybrid Water Cooling Kit for GIGABYTE X99 Series Motherboards

EK Water Blocks introduced a new universal hybrid water cooling kit for GIGABYTE X99 series motherboards consisting of an MOSFET water block and a passive PCH heatsink.

The EK-FB KIT GA X99 LE is a value-oriented hybrid water cooling solution that is compatible with virtually every GIGABYTE X99 series motherboard thanks to the universal PCH cooling solution. The water block directly cools power regulation (VRM / MOSFETs) module while the passive aluminum heat sink cools Intel X99 southbridge (PCH) chip.

The base of the water block is made from nickel plated electrolytic copper while the top is made of acrylic glass material. The screw-in standoffs are already pre-installed on both water block- as well as aluminum heatsink and allow for easy and trouble-free installation by utilizing original motherboard backplates.

The new hybrid liquid Gigabyte X99 cooling solution is available now at either the EK Webshop or partner resellers for an MSRP of €64.95.

Thanks to EKWB for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of EKWB