EK Adds Gold Plated EK-Supremacy Water Block To Its Lineup

EK Water Blocks have unveiled their latest water block that has got a bit of “bling”. The latest addition is the EK Supremacy Clean CSQ water block with gold plating. EK say the new water block design is made to suit the latest generation of black and gold ASUS, ASRock and ECS motherboards. 

The block features gold-plating on both the copper base and the mounting mechanism. Out of the box the new EK Supremacy gold water block supports all current generation Intel and AMD CPUs.

EK is going to be charging an MSRP of €89.95 for the new gold plated Supremacy Clean CSQ water block.

You can purchase the EK Supremacy Clean CSQ Gold water block straight away from the EK web shop.

Images courtesy of EK