EE Introduce Two Affordable Smartphones With 4G Capabilities

In the growing market of smartphones there is no denying that whilst the technology improves dramatically, prices still remain unaffordable to many, with new phones costing over £600 for a top of the line model. But now the UK mobile operator EE has announced 2 new smartphones, both of which have full 4G mobile internet support as well as WiFi calling, all whilst being under £200.

The 2 phones, named the Harrier and the Harrier Mini, offer up powerful competition to the current market giants, with the Harrier boasting an impressive 1.5Ghz 8-core processor, a 13MP rear facing camera, and a 5.2 Inch full HD screen all at £199.99 whilst the less powerful Harrier Mini crams in a 1.2hz quad core processor, 8MP Rear camera and a 4.7 inch 720p display at only £99.99. The phones are set to release of the 28th April, with EE rightfully called the Harrier Mini the “UK’s most affordable 4G smartphone with Wifi calling”, with the new phones holding the potential to revolutionize the current premium prices associated with the smartphone market or at least pave the way for more easily affordable and powerful phones in the market.

As well as the phones EE have announced 2 new mobile 4G hotspot device, the Osprey 2 and the Osprey 2 mini. The 4G devices will provide coverage for a total of 10 devices and are available at £69.99 for the Osprey 2 and £49.99 for the mini, although you may be able to get some free on selected contracts.

Hopefully we can expect other companies also trying to capitalise on the budget smartphone market, but will you sacrifice power over price?

Thank you Tech Radar for providing us with this information.