Ecuador’s President Correa Says He Helped Snowden By Mistake

According to fresh reports by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden will not be helped by Ecuador despite earlier rhetoric made by its president Rafael Correa. President Correa stated that he has no responsibility to get Edward Snowden safely to Ecuador and that it is Russia’s duty to do such a thing, this aligns with previous statements made by President Correa stating that Snowden’s fate is in Russia hand’s.

“Are we responsible for getting him to EcuadorIt’s not logicalThe country that has to give him a safe conduct document is Russia.”

Furthermore despite the words of Assange, Snowden and the Ecuadorian consul, President Correa states that Ecuador has no intention of issuing a pass of safe passage for the American fugitive. Referring to his diplomat who offered a safe travel pass without his authorisation Correa stated the following:

“So I told him: Okay, if you think you did the right thing, I respect your decision, but you could not give, without authorization, that safe conduct pass. It was completely invalid, and he will have to accept the consequences.”

To top everything off, President Correa was asked if he would like to meet Snowden and his response was a simple “not particularly”. It seems that the top expected destination for Snowden is now off limits and after the recent list published by WikiLeaks, about Snowden’s asylum applications, we can see Ecuador is no longer considered an option.

Has President Correa bowed down to the pressure of the USA, of whom Joe Biden VP contacted him to discuss some things. Or does President Correa just not want to get involved with the whole saga?

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