ECS Introduces H87/B85/H81 Overclocking Too

Just a week ago ASRock revealed to us that they had been able to enable overclocking of K series CPUs on the H87 and B85 chipsets. These are chipsets that typically do not allow for overclocking even with K series CPUs that have unlocked multipliers. Now ECS are following their lead and announcing something similar, while I’ve already heard that Gigabyte are preparing the feature too and no doubt other motherboard vendors will all follow suit.

What is slighty different about ECS’ announcement is that they mention H81 too in addition to H87 and B85. ECS have not allotted any particular name to this feature but what it does is pretty clear cut and that is it allows you to adjust the multiplier of an unlocked processor on non-Z chipsets, aka not Z87. ECS’ BIOS now offers an option to adjust the CPU multiplier within the BIOS and again this should allow for gaming systems to be build on a much tighter budget because H81/H87/B85 motherboards can be picked up for much cheaper than their Z87 Haswell counterparts.

Image courtesy of ECS