Early Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate GTX 970 Performance Revealed

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syndicate 970

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate’s PC release is imminent and scheduled for the 19th November worldwide. Compared to previous titles, this is a fairly brief delay and raises questions about the studio’s ability to create an optimized port. Back in August, Sam Kovalev, Studio Production Manager at Ubisoft Kiev proclaimed:

“We have introduced several new improvements to our production pipeline and validation process, which allowed us to focus on polishing, stabilizing and optimizing the PC version very early on in the project,”

“This has been one of the top priorities for the production team this year.” 

“The additional four weeks are for us to really bear down and finalize all of the polish and optimization, to make sure the game and all of its systems are stable when it launches, so it runs smoothly for all players starting on day one,”

Without trying to sound too cynical, PC gamers have heard similar promises before and experienced poor scaling across a wide range of hardware. Thankfully, just before release, a video has emerged which provides an insight into the game’s performance. The video was originally found by Twitter user @RobotBrush who was kind enough to share the technical analysis:

The test system in question revolves around a GTX 970 played at a resolution of 1920×1080. This is a fairly popular configuration among hardware enthusiasts and shouldn’t encounter any major problems when aiming for 60 frames-per-second. To test system performance, every setting was turned up to maximum and recorded with two pieces of monitoring software. MSI Afterburner and FRAPS were both used to determine GPU utilization and frame-rate. Although, having both of these running simultaneously might have impacted on performance.

Nevertheless, during indoor sections, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate hovers around the 40-45 frames-per-second mark which is pretty disappointing albeit playable. However, once the player moves to outdoor environments containing large crowds, the frame-rate suddenly drops to around 30 and can get as low as 23. Initially, I thought the dramatic change could be a result of low GPU usage, but the MSI Afterburner clearly shows 99% utilization.

Theoretically, the disappointing performance could be improved after a release-date patch but this is still not an ideal situation. Additionally, if a GTX 970 cannot attain over 30 frames-per-second in densely populated areas, how will 2560×1440, 3440×1440 or 4K users be able to reach a playable frame rate?

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14 Comments on Early Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate GTX 970 Performance Revealed

  • Avatar George says:

    It is a bad port (or game) in terms of performance it seems, but the GTX970 is not a monster powerhouse either, although a popular card and a good performer.
    There are clearly faster options than this card though to max out a game.
    Nonetheless, why play with all graphic options maxed out?
    It’s been known for a fact for a long time now that tweaking just a couple of options like aa (which is less effective in 1080p+ resolutions) can make the game much smoother without sacrificing much eye candy.
    Also ending, 40-45fps are far from disappointing in my humble opinion when running a brand new game at maxed out settings.
    23 minimum is a bit bad though, I agree in this part.

    • Avatar Adel Morse says:

      40-45fps is acceptable? You gotta be kidding us.

      I easily run Witcher 3, GTA V, COD AW, etc all at 60fps (constantly and with proper anti-aliasing) so why should this not be cable of this? Heck, I’m not even using a GTX 970 and a GTX 970 might not be a monster powerhouse as you call it, but it’s still the the 7th fastest card you can buy and seriously, do you really believe that a lot of people are using that expensive card? Don’t make me laugh, I can guarantee you that 95% of all PC gamers use a card that runs slower, believe it or not.

      I can understand that slower cards or even a GTX 970 shouldn’t be able to run 60fps on ultra, but with high settings close to 60fps should be possible.

      Comments from people like you only encourage Ubisoft to continue on the same path. Geesh…my dear man…. people are running Dirt Rally on highest settings with a constant 60fps with visually stunning graphics and you’re going to tell us that this kind of performance in AC Syndicate (and Unity!) is acceptable? Or to demand 3GB of video card memory, when Witcher 3 has proven that 2GB is more than enough, unless you use extreme resolution? C’mon hey, be reasonable… sigh.

      • Avatar bloodyidiot says:

        Fps this, fps that. Why do you care what fps is fine for him? Heck, even 30 fps is fine for me as long as I can play it.
        That doesn’t change the fact that the game is not optimized well, which George did acknowledge.
        So, what’s your point?

        • Avatar George says:

          I totally agree.
          30fps is fine for me as well.
          As a matter of fact I’m using an “ancient” by today’s standards 7870Ghz 2Gb card, yet I dial down a couple of settings and I’m able to hit high-very high graphics in all modern games with reasonable framerate, most times around 60 in fact..anyway, I don’t get your point though.
          I’ve already said this game or port is badly optimised.
          You can’t expect that one only enjoys a game when it runs at 60fps or more.
          Not everyone has the money or power to run games at 60fps, so as long as it’s more than 30fps and doesn’t lag it’s fine with me.

  • Avatar Abhishek Prusty says:

    Feeling Bad ! I just bought a GTX 960 4 GB and i have to stick to it for 2 years ! i can’t get 20+ FPS in this game, 🙁 !

    • Avatar 12John34 says:

      128bit data bus. Paying for the 4GB version with that pathetic bus is a huge fail. You could probably buy a R9 290 with a little more money, but never mind. You know the typical BS. Bad drivers, huge power consumption, terrible thermal, it could also explode in your face. Who cares if it can be 2 times faster. Right?

      Enjoy your Nvidia milk.

      PS NEVER buy an Nvidia card if you intend to keep it over 6-12 months.

      • Avatar TheRedWood says:


      • Avatar Abhishek Prusty says:

        I hope so ! But it did ran all games well. i think GTX 970 is marketed for 60 fps gameplay at 1080p. So even if i dnt get it , but i can play game with Medium high setting. good enough for me. i will stick to my buy until Pascal Gen 2 comes. You did point the limited BUS thing, but Nvidia once said why Maxwell is so optimistic and efficient. Thanks for reply ! have a good time.

        • Avatar 12John34 says:

          If you don’t mind lowering settings or even resolution later, you will enjoy GTX 960 or what ever other card you had bought. But you could have chosen a better card probably, for the same price or a little more. That bus is a kill switch on the card, like those 3.5GBs on 970. It will be more difficult for your card to cope with future titles compared to other cards at the same price category.

          • Avatar Abhishek Prusty says:

            Budget was the one thing. Beside i will try next one when pascal gen 2 will be out anyway.

      • Avatar Wayne Gleeson says:

        I dont think everyone else has Max-a-million purse strings like you so why would they share the same fiscal opinion about buying an Nvidia card every 6-12 months?

    • Avatar Nick Becker says:

      You can get 60+ FPS with that card, just not at max settings.

  • Avatar Wayne Gleeson says:

    Got it now, BEEFY SYSTEM, runs like shit

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