EA Investors File Suit Over Battlefield 4

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It looks like the PC version of EA’s popular game franchise Battlefield 4 has landed itself in hot water again. Two days ago we brought you the story of EA patching Battlefield 4, only to find new bugs within the game after the patch. Well now it looks like a lawsuit could be on EA’s hands with the securities firm of Robbins Geller & Dowd LLP filing a suit on behalf of a Mr. Ryan Kelly (and anyone else who purchased EA stock between July 4th and December 4th 2014).

However this isn’t the first time a lawsuit has been mentioned in regards to EA and the problem filled Battlefield 4 game (well the PC version anyway). Another law firm, this time being the Atlanta firm of Holzer & Fistel seemed to be looking at statements made by EA between July 24th and December 4th. Although nothing has yet to eventuate from Holzer & Fistel, it seems that the firm of Geller & Dowd LLP are going down the same path. However  this one looks legit with the first steps towards a class-action lawsuit against EA being logged in a U.S District Court. The suit will claim that EA lied during the development and release of the game, by repeatedly boasting of the “quality” of the game that they knew would be marred by technical woes after launch to boost sales.

It seems that both firms were looking at the promises made by EA during development of the game, stating that the “quality” of the game would be outstanding. It seems that EA might have been referring to the “quality” of the content and not the “quality” in terms of the functionality that the PC version of the game seems to be having problems with. Although this case seems bogus and would probably never make it to court, it does set a dangerous precedent. Of course it sucks when a game is released and is plagued with nothing but bugs, however the game has only just come out and EA have been working tirelessly to fix these problems which can be very hard to work out given the complexity of PC compatibility. A lawsuit for this reason just seems silly, we’ll keep you updated on more information about this case when it becomes available.

Thanks to Gamasutra for providing us with this information.

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6 Comments on EA Investors File Suit Over Battlefield 4

  • Avatar gigi says:

    the trial is bogus i agree,but i hope it goes to court and EA loses.Maybe it will teach them not to rush games out just to beat the competition.Should we expect the same with star wars battlefront when it comes out?or Titanfall?Thankfully the only crashes i had in BF4 were when maps are changing and they are extremely rare,apart from the other minor bugs(revive screen,netcode still needs work,netcode issues).I still get sometimes after i kill somebody and he was shooting at me,he died and i extra damage about half a second after he dies.And the SUAV is not fixed,i still managed to get 4 roadkills without reloading it.

    • Avatar Jake Wright says:

      I feel similarly, but I wish those reporting would just state facts and not their own opinions, especially when they’re not legal experts. Peter, let’s try sticking to the facts and not your championing of EA, ya?

  • Avatar GoGo says:

    How it can be silly? Silly is to put broken game on shelves.. It is really broken, from the very beginning i had crashes, and sound crashes and so on and so on, not to mention “netcode”… So let’s say for about a month i couldn’t use product i payed for, and then after some fixes i still have product that just don’t have competitive gameplay.. It is jus a game of netcode luck.. So what should i do? Go and play BF3, or other game? But why? I bought this, i thought it would be as fun as BF3, but it mostly just makes me mad.

  • Avatar Joe Wingett says:

    EA working tirelessly? Yeah, okay then, I’ll believe that when I see it. More like EA whipping their devs to work harder than they should be allowed for as little as possible in order to try and squeeze more money out of an already dead game.

  • Avatar Zetsumei Ikari says:

    Is this site funded by EA or something? you don’t seem impartial, shame on you peter edward

  • Avatar Mathieu Parent says:

    “and anyone else who purchased EA stock between July 4th and December 4th 2014” Hmmm did we just time warp?

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