Dropbox Gets Speed Boost Thanks to Streaming Sync

A new edition of the Dropbox desktop client was introduced on Friday, bringing with it an upgrade version of its file-sync technology that allows the streaming of larger files, so that video and audio can be sent and of course retrieved much faster than before.

Streaming technology is hardly new, but being able to open your video or audio file whilst the rest of it downloads is a big bonus for Dropbox as it means you could theoretically use it like Netflix to stream your movies to other devices whilst downloading them. This is great for connecting multimedia applications and certainly has advantages for those eager to watch the movie or listen to the album your sending them.

With many more file storage companies now on the market, new features are being added constantly by Dropbox and their rivals to stay competitive, the obvious winner here are consumers who keep getting more value for their money.

Thank you Gigaom for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Gigaom.