Dropbox Confirms it Has Been Working on a Google Docs Alternative

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It is said that a mysterious product dubbed Project Composer has been seen on Product Hunt, an online community website where a lot of new products are shared and discovered. The product has been available for a short time, but long enough for some users to test it before having their access cut off.

Users who were lucky enough to test it say that Composer is a note-taking tool that allows for multiple users to edit and share files simultaneously. This means that Dropbox users would create and edit documents on-the-fly and without the need to use an external document editing tool.

While it was fairly clear that Dropbox accidentally leaked its project online, the company chose to deny and comment on it… at least at first. Dropbox’s head of product, business and mobile, Ilya Fushman, has confirmed that Composer is indeed one of the company’s new products that is about to hit the market.

“We’re always testing new products. We always have a bunch of stuff we’re working on — and this is one of them,” Fushman told Business Insider.”We’re excited it’s got us on Product Hunt. I think you’ll see us come out with some other stuff in that space,” he added.

However, Fushman did not provide an exact release date for Composer, stating that Dropbox usually tests its new products with thousands of customers before officially releasing it, a strategy that helps the company make sure it has the right market fit.

“We want people to use them and get feedback,” Fushman said. “We might find out that people dont’ like it.” Fushman said.

It was clear that Dropbox was going to make a document editing and collaboration tool sooner or later. Two years ago, the company acquired Hackpad. a startup that was focusing on similar software such as Composer, and last year’s acquisition included CloudOn, a mobile document editing software.

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