Dreamhack CEO Fired, Goes Out In a Blaze of… Hatred!

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Being fired from your job isn’t a pleasant experience, and while the circumstances of Dreamhack CEO Robert Ohléns departure are currently unknown, it is pretty clear that he’s unhappy about the decision.

Dreamhack is the worlds biggest LAN gaming event, attracting thousands of gamers from around the world, as well as many of the worlds leading technology companies to the shows ever-growing exhibition hall. Robert was king for this event and has been integral to its success over the years, but now it seems his time has come to an end.

Robert is clearly furious over the loss of his job and what this means for the future of the event is currently unknown, but it’s clear that there is something unpleasant brewing at Dreamhack HQ. Current rumours are suggesting it is down to poor administration and organization of tournaments, something which has recently led to much dispute in the DOTA2 eSports community.

Here is Robert’s last tweet after the news broke of his departure. It doesn’t take much imagination to interpret his mood over the situation.

I’m not here to gloat at his misery, we wish you all the best in your future endeavours Robert. Hopefully, we’ll have a greater understand of what happened as well as what effect this may have on future Dreamhack events.

Thank you Reddit for providing us with this information.

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